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Antraštė LEARN TO TRAVEL, TRAVEL TO LEARN. Study in Norway, Travel South America and volunteer in Ecuador
Aprašymas The program Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn is divided into 4 periods, each one of them focused in different areas: study period, volunteering period, traveling period and conclusion.Program costs:We offer 2 options to cover the program costs : be a self-payer (cover the cost of the program yourself) or doing the pre-course (fundraise the money to cover all the costs). You can learn more about our pre-course or the programs costs by going to our website :
Kita savanoriui reikalinga informacija 1. STUDY PERIOD Location: Based at One World Institute in Norway and includes investigations in Europe Duration: 2 months Once you arrive at One World Institute, Norway, you will get together with your team and will be part of running the school with other students here. You will have studies about the countries’ environmental and social problems you’re going to visit, and a goal of points to achieve during this time. In One World Institute, the concept of studying is different, because we believe that Learning by Doing is the best way of adopting new knowledge. In our school, you will find that learning is not first and foremost about listening to the teacher. Learning will take place through communication, deliberations, through working out your plan for learning and sticking to it and putting to use what you learned. Therefore the studies are combined with various activities like having investigations and road-trips in Europe, meeting new people to learn from, making presentations about what we have learned-researched. During Study Period, we will also prepare everything necessary for travel: visas, tickets, investigations, and places to visit. We will make a final agreement together on our traveling plan and present the final product to the Teachers’ Council and the other students. 2. VOLUNTEER PERIOD Location: Our partner’s projects in Ecuador Duration: 1 months After choosing one of the projects in Ecuador, together with your team, you will work in the following areas to get to know more about community life and current issues: Educating teachers for rural areas. Vocational schools for young people. Schools for street children. Preschools. Sanitation and hygiene in rural areas. Tree planting campaigns. 3. TRAVELING PERIOD Location: South America Duration: 2 months (The destination of the traveling will be decided by the Team Leader depending on the Team’s economy) Once your route is ready, tickets bought, investigations planned and approved by the Teachers’ Council, you will travel by land to different countries, ready to learn about environmental practices, problems and peoples’ reactions and actions to them. Reforestation, wildlife protection, organic farming, pollution and social problems around the environment (employment, destruction of natural areas, responsible fishing, urbanization, illegal hunting, etc.) will be subjects of investigations during your travel. You will document your travel with pictures, videos, interviews. 4. CONCLUSION PERIOD Location: Norway Duration: 1 month This is our last month of conclusions, presentations, and promotion to spread the word about the Program. On your final month in Norway, you will concentrate on sharing your experiences with the other teams in the school. You will make presentations from the different countries you traveled, from people that you met and the projects that you visited. Conclusions and final discussions will close your Learn to Travel, Travel to Learn Program.
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